Happy levitating bed

Karol Starczewski

1.700,00 1.900,00 

ash wood

  • The finish can be customized upon request
  • Estimated production time: about 3 weeks

happy BED

The idea of levitating furniture inspired the designer to create the HAPPY system. The initial prototypes of the flying bed HAPPY, equipped with the HLP (Human Like Personality) system, caused some surprises - they autonomously floated at different heights in the room, which could lead a sleepy user to falls. Currently, we offer a completely safe version of the LLH, achieved by incorporating a sturdy bed base. The flying bed HAPPY was designed with the intention of providing a space where people can spend more than just a few hours of sleep. We propose additional features such as adjustable headrests or side tables. Each element can be easily attached along the length or width of the bed, depending on its positioning in the interior and the user's needs. The headrests provide comfortable support for sitting or working.

The HAPPY system provides a unique comprehensive solution for hotel rooms. HAPPY furniture allows for the arrangement of an interior that satisfies customers who appreciate noble materials and modern design. HAPPY furniture is made of high-quality ash wood. To enhance the natural wood grain, environmentally-friendly oils from Livos are used for finishing. The HAPPY bed is available in three widths: 140 cm, 160 cm, and 200 cm. It is compatible with mattresses of both 15-16 cm and 25 cm thickness, as well as thicker ones.



“I want Polish designers’ skills to be recognized and contribute to the success of Polish entrepreneurs.”

He designs innovative solutions in the fields of information technology, communication, exhibitions, interior design, and industrial design. He has a number of patents to his name for system construction solutions in furniture and exhibition design, as well as original training programs in the field of communication psychology.

As a passionate and knowledgeable lover of good design, he is dedicated to promoting Polish design and original technical solutions. He is engaged in inventiveness and industrial design, and also designs interiors, furniture, and exhibition systems.

The organization nowymodel.org is his idea and latest work. It is a place for a team of designers, craftsmen, technologists, graphic designers, IT specialists, and marketing professionals to work together.

Using the latest digital technologies, he prepares prototypes and implements the most interesting projects for production in short series. He entrusts the production of well-designed models to skilled craftsmen and solid manufacturers in the industry.

Privately, he is a sailor and traveler.”