Countertop trestles

Cyryl Zakrzewski



countertop trestles

The presented original trestles for tabletops, designed by Cyryl Zakrzewski, were inspired by a model created by Karol Starczewski. Based on the functional design, an object with a more solid base was created in two versions - three-legged and four-legged.

These practical and aesthetic trestles will serve excellently as a foundation for your favorite desk or table. They are made of high-quality birch plywood and stand out with an elegant, precisely outlined form. The materials used in their production ensure that they will fulfill their tasks perfectly for years to come. Their potential can be utilized, among other places, in a corporate office, workshop, or home office.



His exceptional knowledge in the field of digital design and sculptural craftsmanship allows him to craft futuristic yet functional elements of interior design, including unique and original furniture pieces. For Cyryl, design is not just an aesthetic form but a means of conveying a deeper message. His works exude elegance and a subtle refinement, with a hidden depth that encourages reflection on the world around us.

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