Tree coat rack

Michał Dumin


  • The finish can be customized upon request
  • Estimated production time: about 3 weeks




A clothes hanger is typically an inconspicuous element of interior furnishing that rarely catches attention. However, next to the design by Michał Dumin, a young artist, painter, and designer from Poznań, it is hard to remain indifferent. It is a simple yet intriguing and highly sculptural object. The organic, undulating line, reminiscent of a tree shape, seamlessly combines functionality and aesthetics in a natural way.

If we don't use the presented model as a clothes hanger, it serves a decorative function. It can be displayed like a theatrical decoration or hidden among clothes. The organized asymmetry of the Tree hanger enlivens a traditionally arranged room without disturbing its harmony, while also providing ample room for experimentation to those who enjoy it. We produce the hangers using natural leafy plywood, either lacquered in a natural color or melamine-coated in white. There is also an option to select a different color of plywood upon special request.



“I try to do unusual things. I don’t want to repeat ideas that have already been done, so I carefully follow other designers to avoid doing the same thing as them. I value uniqueness.”

“Graduated from the University of Arts in Poznań. Currently working as a freelance designer, carrying out projects in the field of product design and broadly understood branding. A characteristic cut of style can be seen in both artistic and design works.”