Linium lamp

Cyryl Zakrzewski

  • The finish can be customized upon request
  • Estimated production time: 3-4 weeks

linium standing lamp

The presented LED lamp was designed by Cyryl Zakrzewski, a young generation artist, sculptor, and designer from Poznań. The lamp's geometric, simple, and even minimalist form, as well as the nobility of the materials used in its construction, make it excellent for modern apartment and office arrangements.

The Linium model is an incredibly original and functional interior design element. It will undoubtedly attract attention with its design while providing the right amount of light. Each piece is individually crafted, allowing you to order a lamp with a custom arm length ranging from 50 to 180 cm. There is also the option to tailor it to individual preferences in terms of the choice of finishing materials.



His exceptional knowledge in the field of digital design and sculptural craftsmanship allows him to craft futuristic yet functional elements of interior design, including unique and original furniture pieces. For Cyryl, design is not just an aesthetic form but a means of conveying a deeper message. His works exude elegance and a subtle refinement, with a hidden depth that encourages reflection on the world around us.

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