Happy levitating shelf

Karol Starczewski


ash wood, stainless steel


happy SHELF

The initial prototypes of the levitating shelf Happy (LPH) designed by Karol Starczewski, equipped with the Human Like Personality (HLP) system, caused some surprises. They often changed their position on their own and some even dumped books on users' heads when they deemed them not reading enough. Currently, we offer a completely safe version of LPH. We have managed to tame it, and it now levitates at a fixed distance from the wall.

Upon request, LPH can also emit light - these are models equipped with LED lamps (the lighting consists of two strips, each with 30W). They are powered from a wall socket using a decorative orange-colored cord. Unfortunately, negotiations with the shelves regarding a different color of the cord ended in failure. In addition to the HLP system, the design of which is a secret, the shelves are made of high-quality oiled ash wood. The mountings that tame the shelves' tendency to be flighty are made of stainless steel. LPH is part of the HAPPY system, which includes the flying bed HAPPY, tables, and a bench. The HAPPY system provides a unique comprehensive solution for hotel rooms. HAPPY furniture allows for the arrangement of an interior that satisfies users who appreciate noble materials and modern design.



“I want Polish designers’ skills to be recognized and contribute to the success of Polish entrepreneurs.”

He designs innovative solutions in the fields of information technology, communication, exhibitions, interior design, and industrial design. He has a number of patents to his name for system construction solutions in furniture and exhibition design, as well as original training programs in the field of communication psychology.

As a passionate and knowledgeable lover of good design, he is dedicated to promoting Polish design and original technical solutions. He is engaged in inventiveness and industrial design, and also designs interiors, furniture, and exhibition systems.

The organization nowymodel.org is his idea and latest work. It is a place for a team of designers, craftsmen, technologists, graphic designers, IT specialists, and marketing professionals to work together.

Using the latest digital technologies, he prepares prototypes and implements the most interesting projects for production in short series. He entrusts the production of well-designed models to skilled craftsmen and solid manufacturers in the industry.

Privately, he is a sailor and traveler.”