Organic® bin 120l


100 cm | 40 cm

PVC – 8 mm

  • Production time 2-3 weeks
  • The price of containers with a different finish than the standard ones may differ from the price listed on the website. Contact us:

organic ® BIN

The models available in our Organic series are modern containers made of durable materials with a minimalist and original design, making them well-suited for the needs of users in public spaces. Both the 120-liter container and other versions are characterized by easy assembly and cleaning, and they are highly resistant to damage.

The presented Organic containers are made of 8 mm PVC material, ensuring stability and water resistance. The technological process of manufacturing these containers, along with the materials used, significantly increases their lifespan, surpassing the durability and aesthetic qualities of steel versions multiple times over. The angled cut makes the opening of the container easily accessible.

Products from the Organic series can be customized to individual needs in terms of color selection, introducing patterns, and various combinations of containers - they can be connected in any length in a row or in an island of 3 units or an island of 2 units (with their back parts facing each other). Metal connectors in the base allow for all types of connections at 30-degree angles. At the bottom, there are drainage holes and provisions for permanent installation in the substrate if needed. The 25 cm diameter inlet opening is equipped with a protective rubber seal. The presented model is compatible with 125-liter bags.

The Organic container is a finalist in the 2014 Good Design competition for the best-designed products and services on the Polish market, organized by the Institute of Industrial Design.


We present to you the Organic® waste segregation system.

The utility design is reserved in Europe.


Organic® is a modern, durable container system that stands out for its unique design and the quality of materials used in its production.

Organic® containers allow for intuitive and convenient waste sorting for users, thanks to clear and understandable ideograms and descriptions placed on the containers. Additionally, there is the possibility of placing pre-printed sets of designs on the container’s walls, allowing the container to blend in with the surrounding space.

The technological process of producing the containers and the materials used in their production significantly increase the containers’ durability, which exceeds the lifespan and aesthetic qualities of steel containers several times over.